Rules for ababa free hosting

The basics

Bandwidth theft

Hotlinking is when for instance images are linked to from another site in such a way that they display as if they actually are on that other site.

If your account's main content is a few large images that you want to link to directly from message boards we consider this to be bandwidth theft and file storage. Same thing if you host files for the only reason that you want to display them in a pop-up or frame from another site. Hosting ads that will appear on other sites is an example of this.


Ads are allowed within reason. Sites that are nothing more than ad farms and/or a collections of affiliation links should look somewhere else for hosting.

Accounts must be active

If you haven't uploaded any files within a week from registering, your account may be deleted.

Accounts that are inactive for a long time may also be deleted. That doesn't mean that you need to have a lot of visitors. You yourself will be enough. As long as you log in to the account manager now and then or someone visits your site on a rainy Monday your account is considered active.

Apart from that – have fun!

Apart from that you are allowed to do pretty much what you want with your space.

What we ask of you in return is that you use the space to actually create a site. You don't need to be skilled, your site doesn't have to be pretty or large. As long as there is HTML and at least some content – it's a site! Fair enough?

We hope that people will use their space to do fun stuff, to learn HTML or to improve their skills.

If you have questions about our rules or anything else, please visit our forum.

ababa is free!

ababa hopes to offer more stuff for free with time. Be sure to check the main page for updates!

Ababa Advanced plan is discontinued.

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