Ababa advanced plan

We are now ready to accept a first round of signups for our new plan. This plan is ad supported and you'll have to apply for an account as we will host only a limited number of sites.

The plan should be suitable for webmasters who want to use server side scripting and have sites of common interest.

What this plan offers



Domain hosting

If you own your own domain, you can host it here. All top level domains are accepted. If you don't have your own domain, your URL will be http://web.ababa.net/you/


This service is ad supported. We are using Google's AdSense, so the ads won't be intrusive. For the time being you can control where the ads are placed. This obviously requires that everyone cooperates, so please don't cheat! We hope this will be a permanent solution as it's much nicer for everyone.

Please note, the original hosting plan @ ballz.ababa.net won't be affected in any way. It will continue to be ad-free.

Accepted languages

Alas Google requires pages to be mainly in one of the following languages:

A minor part of your site can be in another language, but the bulk of it must be in one of the languages above.


Don't hesitate to apply. All sites of common interests, whether they be about sports, music, math, politics or hamster breeding, will be considered.

We want a short description of your site and a URL where we can have a quick look. No fancy application needed, we just want to get a picture of what your site's all about.

You can send your application to applications@ababa.net or, if you prefer, you can post at the forum.

ababa is free!

ababa hopes to offer more stuff for free with time. Be sure to check the main page for updates!

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