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For information about why user sites are taken offline, please read this forum thread.

News and updates will be posted there also.

Update January 23 12:20 GMT

User sites are back online. :-)
Signup will remain closed until further notice. :-(

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Please leave a real email address (no we won't sell it). In case you exceed your transfer limit or if there is another problem and we can't contact you our only option is to delete your account.

The Ababa Advanced plan has been discontinued.

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Special upgrade offer

We want to offer a special price to ababa hostees who want to upgrade to full-featured hosting. We give you 20% off on the hosting package of your choice. To qualify you should have had an active ababa site for at least three months.

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ababa is free!

ababa hopes to offer more stuff for free with time. Be sure to check the main page for updates!

Gabbly is a new free chat service you can use on your site. Try Gabbly on ababa.net.

Ababa Advanced plan is discontinued.

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